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At FunkedUp we are extremely proud of our products and stand by the quality of everything we produce.

All our products are warranted to be free from any defects in workmanship and materials.





All Funked Up Bikes come with a minimum 3 Year Warranty covering manufacturing defects in the Frame and Fork. 
Funked Up also provides a 12 month warranty covering all non-consumable parts, such as Wheels, Crankset, Brake Callipers, Brake Levers, Handlebars, etc...
To activate your warranty please scan and email proof of professional assembly to, within 30 days of delivery of your bike. 


FunkedUp Wheels will need to be serviced after approximately 2 months/500km, as spokes on a newly built wheel require an initial ‘bedding in’ time.
To activate your wheel warranty please email proof of professional wheel service to, within 120days of delivery.
MAG wheels are manufactured by a third party supplier called 'Teny Rim Enterprise Co., Ltd' These MAG wheels are NOT covered under FunkedUp warranty.


Not Covered under Warranty...
Tires, tubes, paint, chains, handlebar tape or grips, brake pads, etc. are considered 'Consumable Parts' and are not covered under warranty. 
Corrosion and/or deterioration caused by material fatigue, is defined as the natural breakdown of materials that occurs after extended use will not be covered under warranty. 
Similarily, cosmetic damage (scrapes, chips, bumps) caused by impacts, or faded colours caused by over exposure to direct sunlight will not be covered under warranty. 
Warranty claims are not valid if you modify or change your bicycle, and are valid only if your bike has been assembled by a certified mechanic.
Professional assembly is important not only in terms of warranty claims but also ensures you the safest ride possible. 
Usage during competitions, events, circuits or activities other than those for which the bicycle/component has been designed will greatly reduce its useful life and is not covered under warranty. 
The warranty does not cover any component part that is broken or damaged, by misuse, abuse, neglect, accident or normal wear & tear.


How do I make a Warranty Claim?
In the case of defective/broken parts; photographic &/or video evidence should be provided and emailed to along with detailed information about the issue.
Any fault with a particular component on your bicycle will be dealt with as an individual issue with that particular faulty part.
If your product is found to be damaged or not mechanically sound due to a manufacturing flaw, we will replace the part in question and deliver it to you free of charge.


Disclaimer... The warranty applies to the original purchaser only and proof of purchase may be requested. 
Funked Up are not responsible for any shipping or labour charges or fees relating to warranty claims.


We care about our customers and the lifecycle of our products. We are always willing to help...
Please contact us with any problem that you may be having with a FunkedUp product, even if you do not think the problem is covered under this warranty.
Funked Up will always do our best to take care of you, and resolve any issues or problems that you may be having with our products.





Parts can break and Accidents can happen. We are here to help! 

Should your FunkedUp bike be involved in a crash or any FUNKED UP component(s) become damaged, please contact us at
We will do everything we can to get you a replacement part and back cycling again as quickly, and as cost effectively, as possible. 

Within the first year of ownership we offer all replacement component parts at cost price. 
Between year 1 and year 2 we have super special 'crash replacement' prices that can't beaten.
After year 2 we offer 20% discount on replacement parts for your original bike.
Please email us at with photographic &/or Video evidence of the damaged parts and we'll take it from there.
'Consumable Parts' are not covered by the Crash Replacement Offer.
Crash Replacement Offer is limited to a maximum spend of €500 over the lifetime of your bike. 



PS we love to hear your feedback and suggestions about our products and service. So don't be shy, feel free to send us an email or get in touch through our social channels.