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Urban Cyclist


"Endless Custom Options"

"Makes You Feel Good Every Time You Get On It."



"Exceptional Build Quality. A joy to ride."


"Brilliantly Bespoke, Badass Bikes."




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Customer feedback


Customer feedback

'If I have to describe my experience with "FunkedUp Fixies" it can be described just in one word "Awesome". I bought my bike more than a year ago and I use it every single day because I work with it and my bike hasn't asked me for anything except air for its tires. I am glad I bought that bike with FunkedUp Fixies, everyday people stare at it on the street and they ask me 'where did you get that bike?'

'Sincerely my bike has been the best investment of my life. The frame is made of a good quality, the others parts as well and the most important thing with FunkedUp Fixies is its staff member, all the guys are 100% responsible and professionals. I am also glad that the company is 100% Irish and day by day are getting more and more popular with more customers. Keep on having success guys.'

'8 months ago, I got my bike, and of course in my life there is a before and an after. This time has changed my view of things. She accompanies me all the time, makes me feel good unlike others. I feel, aside from provisions of this society, everything is positive. There is nothing that can make me go in reverse. I thank you from the heart that you do what you do.

If less people manufactured weapons and produced bicycles as you do, surely this world would be a better place. A warm greeting from spain.'


Customer feedback