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Beto Mini Pump - Street


Patented swivel head makes pumping easier at the desired direction
Fits Presta and Schrader valve
Thumb Lock
Ergonomic T-handle
Mounting bracket

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Beto Track Pump - HOME

Beto Alloy Track Pump with Gauge. Dual Nozzle to fit both Pesta & Shrader Valves. This pump will allow you to keep your tyre pressure at the perfect pressure. Optimum tyre pressure will allow you to cycle effortlessly and also reduces the risk of punctures. Learn More

Funked Up Chainwhip


Funked Up Fixies 1/2” x 1/8” Professional Chain Whip Tool. This Chain Whip is used to install Fixed Cogs on all our customer's bikes.

The tool is used every day in the FunkedUp Workshop.

Our Current Chain whip "MrWhippy2" has fixed over 700 cogs and is still going strong.

Made from Super Tough Steel, it won't bend easily and for the home user it should last a lifetime. Use in conjunction with a Lockring tool for years of hassle-free maintenance.

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Weldtite Puncture Repair Kit


Includes everything you need to get you back on the road as quickly as possible:

6 patches 
Emery paper 
Tyre levers 

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Knog Porno Patches Refill


A handy refill pack for your Porno Patches Kit, this comes with 8 self-adhesive printed patches (2 large, 6 small)

8 Self-Adhesive printed tyre Patches - 6 Small & 2 Large Patches per pack

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Silkolene Everyday Lube 200ml


100% Biodegradable multipurpose chain lubricant. Highly penetrating and water repellent, leaving a long lasting, protective coating to guard against corrosion and wear.

Ideal for general use on drivetrain, gear mechanics, and shifters.

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Pure Wet Bike Lube 100ml


PURE Wet Lube is a thick, heavy-duty lubricant designed to stick to your chain in the wettest, nastiest conditions imaginable.

Ideal for extreme weather and long distance use. And yes, the bike lube is still biodegradable, eco-friendly and all natural.

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Pure Bike Protector 250ml


PURE Bike Protector with UV protection is great for polishing all kinds of bicycles and even motorcycles and scooters in an eco-friendly and biodegradable way.

Adding Bike Protector to your machine will not only prolong its shiny finish but it will also make it harder for dirt and grime to stick.

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Pure Dry Bike Lube 100ml


PURE Dry Lube excels at staying clean in dry, dirty, and dusty riding conditions with an ultra friction-resistant formula. It resists water penetration and wash-off too.

As with all PURE products, Dry Lube is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable

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Pure Bike Degreaser 250ml


Making cleaning with toxic chemicals a thing of the past, PURE Bike Degreaser is powerful, eco-friendly and naturally-based, and it is highly effective at removing grease and oil.

Its easy-rinse-off formula is soluble in water. It features a non-aerosol container and a biodegradable environmentally-friendly formula.

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