As the summertime is cycle season we've decide to showcase some of the best cycling destinations across European cities :-) This week, we're off to the great city of London.


London is a big city. And can be a great city for cycling but you need to have your wits about you, unlike Berlin, drivers don't take too kindly to cyclists. This said, London has been improving its bike infrastructure over the last number of years. The first four of 12 'Cycle Superhighways' have already been opened with the remaining scheduled to be open next year. And that's not to mention the already hugely successful 'Boris Bikes', which have now been operating in the city since 2010, the scheme currently has 10,000 bikes in service with further expansion plans in the works.
Anyways, on with the list.


Camden Town Market, London Image Credit: London Sightseeing

This is a hot spot for London's subculture. Goths, Emos, Punks and Hippies have been congregating in the area since subculture became a thing. Camden is also home to its world famous markets, where you can pick up practically anything, from didgeridoos to glowing t-shirts. Keep an eye out for old school funk records as you make your way around the market! At the Camden Lock Market you'll find all sorts of shopping stalls and some of the best artisan food in London.

The Mall, Buckingham palace & St. James Park

The mall and Buckingham palace with cyclists finishing an Olympic race Image Credit: Populous London

This is a nice part of London, but as you can imagine it's often swarmed with tourists year round. The Mall which was built as a ceremonial route is ideal for cycling as the roads are very wide, this allows you to take you time and soak up the location. Buckingham Palace sits at the end of The Mall and it can be tricky dodging the Tourist buses and black cabs but it makes for a great story (in my experience anyway). Then jaunt over to St. James's park to look at the ducks.

South Kensington

The Science Museum in London Image Credit: Wikimedia

Getting here from The Mall is a nice ride, through Knightsbridge (and past Harrods) or take the longer scenic route through Hyde Park. The reason South Kensington makes the list is because of the attractions within its borders. (And here comes my nerdyness) The Natural History Museum, Science Museum (one of my favourite places in the world), the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Royal Albert Hall are located within a stones throw of each other and the first 3 have free entry.

Ride along the River

The River Thames at night time Image Credit: Inetours

This is an epic voyage (if you've got the weather on your side). Cycle down as far as the Chelsea Embankment and pick either the north or south side of the river and you'll encounter loads of landmarks and picturesque views. If you head east you'll see Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament & Big Ben, The London Eye, HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge. This trip alone could do with its own blog entry!

Covent garden

Convent Garden in London Image Credit: London and Partners

To complete this massive loop head back towards Covent Garden from Tower Bridge. Covent Garden is a very touristy spot but there is normally loads to keep you entertained. Very often there are some of the best street performers in the world showcasing their skills. And of course, there are loads of restaurants and bars to relax in after the long ride.


Brick lane at night time Image Credit: Amateur Gastronomy

Stop by Brick Lane for one of the best curries you'll ever have! Amazing value too!


Check out our recommended route below:


As usual, I'm sure there are amazing places I've missed on this list so let us know in the comments.
Stay Funky :cool:

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