As the summertime is cycle season we've decide to showcase some of the best cycling destinations across European cities :-) This time around...


What a city! Berlin has it all! Such a mass and mashup of different cultures - and don't get me started on the night life! It too, like Dublin & Paris before, is a great cycling city! It's also very flat and has very wide roads which are always good on your bike. What's more, the drivers actually pay attention to cyclists. So with out further a due, our favorite City Cycle Spots: Berlin Edition


Gendarmenmarkt lit up at night, berlin germany Image Credit: Wikimedia

This is one of Berlin's most famous squares. It's home to two cathedrals; The French & German. Many of the buildings in the square were severely damaged during World War II but have since been restored. The square also plays host to Concert House which was built in 1821. There are also lots of restaurants, shops and hotels around to peruse on your bike.


This is one of Berlin's main urban parks and is home to many attractions including the Zoo Berlin (below) & is close to The Brandenburg Gate (double below). It's bigger than Hyde Park in London (which we'll talk about next week), but not quite as big as Dublin's own Phoenix park. This is a great place to get lost and explore on your bike as it's 210 hectares. Tip: What trip to Berlin would be complete without a mention of the cities famous beer gardens. Smack bang in the middle of Tiergarten is the Café at the Neuen See (pictured), which is a perfect place to relax over looking the water after your cycle!

Zoo Berlin & Aquarium

Berlin Zoo and aquarium entrance Image Credit: Us Represented

This is the biggest Zoo in the world in terms of number of species (1,500) and animals (20,500) its home to. The Berlin Zoo played host to over 3 million visitors last year and is a must see for visitors (unfortunately, you'll have to lock your bike up outside though). The zoo opened in 1844 and the aquarium was added in 1913. Many universities and research programs are collaborators with the Berlin Zoo as it's one of the European centers which helps safeguard endangered species. Good Guy Berlin Zoo!

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg gate in berlin germany Image Credit:

This is one of the most famous land marks in Germany. It was once a former city gate but was since rebuilt in the 18th century as a triumph arch. The gate was commissioned by Frederick William II of Prussia as a sign of peace and to reinforce Berlins status as the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia. Like many parts of Berlin, it was damaged during  World War II, and was only fully restored between 2000 and 2002 by the Berlin Monument Conservation Foundation. Another cycling friendly landmark!

Unter den Linden

UNTER DEN LINDEN, Berlin Germany lit up by night Image Credit: Germany Wanderer

This is Berlin's most elegant boulevard and gets it's name from the linden tress which line its street. Historically, the Unter Den Linden was home to many famous places including Charlottenburg Palace, the Opera House and the Prince Heinrich Palace, which is now home to the Humboldt University. Perfect for enjoying the buildings while on your bike!

 Honorable mention: Berghain

bergahain night club in berlin Image Credit:

Not exactly a cycling destination but considering yours truly is a techno fan I wanted to include it anyway! Famously, its regarded as one of the best nightclubs in the world due to its hedonistic reputation, some of the worlds best DJ's have graced it's turntables including Sven Väth & Richie Hawtin. It's also notoriously difficult to get into, so queue up in tiny groups, 2 people max!


See our route below...

That's our Berlin list folks, as usual if you feel we've left anywhere out let us know in the comments & as mentioned next week we're visiting London!

Stay Funky :cool:

Feature Image Credit: Just Street Art