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Here at Funked Up we like a good bike accessory almost as much as we like our bikes! We're always on the hunt for the latest and greatest accessories to add to our webshop. Read on to find out our pick for the top 5 accessories of 2015, guaranteed to make you faster!*

*not a guarantee

Plume Mudguards

Plume MudguardWe finally managed to get our hands on the elusive Plume mudguard, which had caught our eye when we first glimpsed it in 2014.

Plume is a recoiling mudguard that sits on your seatpost, making it nice and theft-proof. The main body of it is made from high-quality stainless steel that is designed to sit curled up under your saddle while not in use and be easily opened, even while riding, when you need it.

Its beautiful design complements its functionality, definitely one for the Xmas stocking.

Boombot rex

Boombot RexAnother recent addition to our webshop, the Boombot Rex is the perfect audio companion for all types of riding. The Boombot Rex is a Bluetooth speaker that attaches to your bag or bike and cranks out your tunes on the go, up to 95 decibels if you want everyone else to join the party!

Easy to use controls mean you can play/pause and skip tracks with ease on the go, even while wearing bulky winter gloves. A built-in mic also lets you answer phone calls and control voice activations on your smartphone. It really is an awesome piece of kit. We've been testing it here at Funked Up HQ through the recent miserable weather and it's held up admirably, allowing us to cruise to work in style, and avoid falling foul of the law.*

*with the recent change in law in Ireland making riding with headphones a fineable offence, the Boombot Rex offers a neat alternative.


HiplokThe Hiplok V.1.50 might be our favourite new lock since the Kryptonite mini-Evo 5. Its innovative design allows you to wear it as a belt, making it easy to access at any time and also distributing its weight so you'd hardly notice you were carrying a seriously solid chain.

An 8mm hardened steel chain with a 12mm hardened steel shackle, which is rated Sold Secure Silver, is covered in a durable 600d cordura outer sleeve. The design of the belt means you don't have to open the lock to put it on.

The Hiplok is now available in a Sold Secure Gold rating as well.

Bern brentwood

Bern Brentwood Satin WhiteIt's hard to make bike helmets cool, but Bern somehow pull it off and their Brentwood model is a great example of style and substance packed into one awesome lid.

The Brentwood is an incredibly comfortable lid with a size adjuster dial to find your perfect fit. The included visor insert gives just enough peak to keep the sun and rain out of your eyes, and it's fully removable, allowing it to be replaced with awesome options like the Winter Liner w/audio, complete with built-in earmuffs and headphones.

Knog blinder mob mr. chips

Knog Mr. ChipsKnog have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to bike light design, and the new Blinder Mob range marks another step forward in their evolution.

The lights are all USB rechargable meaning you'll never get caught out without batteries again. No cable required either, just use the built-in USB adaptor.

The Blinder Mob range consist of a variety of lights suitable for different riding situations, from narrow beam to ultra-wide angle. Being city shredders ourselves our favourite has to be the Mr. Chips. With a super-wide 120 degree beam you can be seen from all angles. The rear light emits up to 44 lumens while the front blasts out up to 80 lumens - layman's terms - they're bright.

The whole range also now come with replaceable straps, meaning you can fit them to a wider range of seatposts and bars, and in the unlikely event of a breakage they're easy to replace.

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