Meet Scott

I first met Scott age 13 in High School. We shared a love of music, football, cycling and teenage Mischief. Scott is one of the most entertaining and fun guys i know - He is a natural athlete, a brilliant dancer and a hilarious impressionist. He is affectionately known to his friends as OTTER.

On a professional level Scott is an exceptional carpenter and can pretty much build an entire house singlehandedly from bottom to top. He is a self taught bicycle mechanic, with incredible attention to detail. He also shares some traits with the late great James Brown... apart from his dancing skills of course, Scott is the hardest working man in the bike business. He is a dying breed of true craftsman who can tinker, tailor, hack, fix and create something beautiful from almost nothing.

When we started FUNKED UP in 2010, Scott was living between Australia and New Zealand. Via some Skype calls he hinted that if we were to set up shop in OZ or NZ that he'd love to be a part of FunkedUp. Fast forward 2 years and Otter was back home in Dublin, and we just happened to need a new Bike mechanic. Over a bottle of rum and a top hat, the stars aligned and Scott jumped onboard the Funked Up Mothership.

Scott with a bottle of rum in Dublin

At Funked Up, we've always taken massive pride in quality, and especially in the build quality of the bikes that our customers receive. We are obsessive about little details and the craftsmanship that goes into each and every bicycle. Over the last 3 years, Scott himself has built many hundreds of bicycles, whilst also ensuring that every bike that leaves our workshop was built to a premium standard. He has managed our workshop, warehouse and the stock we hold in order to offer a bike in over a billion colour & style combinations. He has worked like a machine and forgone holidays in order to drive the company forward and to help us achieve our dreams. It is fair to say that Scott has raised the bar and is a big part of the success we have achieved to date. He has also set the FUNKED UP Quality Standard for many years to come.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 02.16.00


It is now with sadness but also with our eternal gratitude that Scott will be leaving Team FUNKED UP, to pursue a new opportunity & a career in a totally different craft. On behalf of everyone at FUNKED UP and all our awesome customers & partners, I would like to wish Scott all the success in his future career and in his personal endeavours. Scott's love affair with FunkedUp is certainly not over as we will be picking his brain for a while to come, and we hope he'll join us for many company events in the future. Luckily, as an old friend I plan to share many more years, filled with many more beers, whiskeys, rums, gigs, concerts, festivals, special occasions, good times & bad, with Scotty.


We now face the task of creating the next Scott. So we are very excited to be offering someone the opportunity to join the FUNKED UP band and to play an instrumental role in the future success of our company. We want to find someone to continue Scott's legacy of production excellence and industry leading customer satisfaction, while also bringing their own unique personality and skills to the team. I'm certainly looking forward to getting to know this person, whoever they may be.

Not wanting to add pressure ;) but two facts need to be told:
1.) It is pretty incredible that in the past 3 years we haven't received a single customer complaint in relation to build quality. Yeaaahh baby!
2.) As legend has it, Scott watched a wheel being built once, and on his first attempt he managed to produce a perfectly laced, true, dished and tensioned wheel. Beat that!

Scott's work ethic and standards really set him apart. I always thought he had natural inbuilt Six Sigma methodologies and ISO 9000 standards. I'd tell people that "Scott likes to build things once and build them right".  However, the reality is much more human and fun than that... in Scott's own words

"Each Bike has a unique face, it's own character, and also an owner that will want their bike to last forever. It is only right that each bike be built to the same perfect standards".

The personification of each bike shows Scott's artistic mindset. But more importantly, his thoughtfulness and consideration for customers that he has never met, and his pride in the trade guarantees a premium end product, that will leave each customer wanting to give their bike a name of it's own.

Scott Collage

For me, success in business is all about 3 things:

1. Producing quality, desirable, products that are ethically sound.
2. Making & keeping customers happy :)
3. Fostering a positive culture in your workplace, and amongst all the people you work with.

Scott has certainly over delivered in all of these 3 areas and for that i will always be grateful. Without doubt his legacy will live on in the FUNKED UP office & workshops. Scott will also officially become FunkedUp's first official HALL OF FAME member :)

We'll miss you buddy!
Keep it Funky,

PS: If you would like your very own FUNKED UP bike to be built by the Magic Hands of Scott, please place your order before 10th August 2015. For a special 10% discount you can enter this fitting checkout code: Scotty10Hotty

PPS: If you know of anyone, or think that you can fill Scotts boots, please go to our careers page here or send CV to