Leinster & Irish rugby star Devin Toner stopped by FunkedUp base to help build his new bike - Black Mamba - last Friday. Before he got stuck into the build we asked him a few quick fire questions about Leinster & Ireland's successful season, cheat day & if he got up to any hi-jinks once the season had ended.

Devin Toner building his bike in funkedup base, black bike, with mags wheels, fixie, single speed bike

Colin FunkedUp: Devin is here with me, who's just come in to Base to help build his FunkedUp, Thanks for coming in! Your design is pretty sweet, any particular reason for going with it?

Devin Toner: I just love the Mag wheels to be honest. I saw Ferg's one and I just loved that. I was on the website and there are so many options, you can have anything you want. So I just looked at the mag wheels and thought they were pretty cool. And I think the black, white and gold just go together. I think it looks class!

CH: Ferg's is called 'Blue Dragon' and Isa's is called 'My Rasta Bike'. Have you put any thought into what you're going to call yours?

DT: I dunno to be honest, I was half considering Black Mamba.

CH: Do you get out? Have you done much cycling before?

DT: I have, I bought a bike last year but it ended up getting robbed.

CH: Aw no, we'll have to sort you out with a couple of locks so!

DT: So I haven't had a bike since then, so I'm just after moving in around town so having the bike is class.

CH: Any plans where you're going to take Black Mamba on your first adventure?

DT: We'll I'm back in training on Monday so I think I'll be in and out to pre-season, trying to loose the pounds I put on over the holiday.

Devin Toner building his funkedup bike, black bike with gold hardware and black mag wheels

CH: On to the rugby now. You've had a pretty awesome season. Six Nations Champions, back to back Pro12 champions and coming out on top against the Puma's. Did you have any particular highlights from the year?

DT: Had to be the six nations, that win in the Stade de France was absolutely class. Epic match! From a personal point of view, just being involved with Ireland, this is really the first year since I started out the game, so just being involved in the set up and that six nations win. I suppose you can't really look behind the Pro12 either, back to back wins was obviously what we wanted to do. And what we did.

CH: And the low point?

DT: A certain French team in the quarter final. I think that things just didn't go well for us that day. I think there were a couple of key times in the game where we did not perform. There were one or two line outs we just didn't get right and that kinda cost us.

CH: Since the seasons over, you've had a couple of weeks off since finishing up the tour to Argentina, have you been getting up to much hi-jinks?

DT: After Argentina a group of seven of us went to Vegas. Ferg and the two Kearney's were there. So that was quite fun. Its a bit of a mad place to go. So since I came home I had two weeks in the south of France with the missus.

CH: You mentioned pre-season in the email during the week, I think Cian Healy is quoted as saying 'Pre-season is a 6 week period of fear - nobody deserves that', whats the worst thing about pre-season?

DT:  I think the fear, I think its worse when you're just about to start it, cause I'm just coming into it now. The worst is the testing that you have to do. So we're all given targets we have to come back at. So we go in, we have a dexa scan which is a scan of your whole body telling you how much muscle and fat you have.  So you're given targets of what you have to do. While you're on your holidays your kinda thinking of that. And the fear of going into that because if you do badly they're going to screw you. CH: I don't think the next question is ideal leading in from that, nonetheless, obviously being a professional rugby player you diet is going to be quite strict, The Rock famously has his 'Cheat Day', whats your favourite food or place to go out during those days off?

DT: If I'm at home I'd love a Base Pizza. If I was going out Bunsen Burger down on Camden Street is quite nice! Especially living near it, its quite handy. And for a nice restaurant, Fade Street Social.

CH: And finally, what was the last tune you listened to? Any thing funky?

DT: I'm into my rock, so System Of A Down.

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Thanks for coming into us Devin! You can follow Devin on Twitter here.