Leinster Rugby legend and all round top bloke Isa Nacewa, who's back in Dublin for the RaboDirect Pro12 Final, dropped by the workshop help build his very own FunkedUp.

As is becoming a tradition, we asked him a few quickfire questions about cycling, rugby & of course his new career in stand-up comedy!

Isa working hard in FunkedUp HQ

Colin FunkedUp: Isa, Welcome back, welcome to Dublin & welcome to FunkedUp HQ. First questions will be on the cycling side of things then we’ll go a bit more off the wall randomness. So are you a cycling enthusiast?

Isa Nacewa: Yep I am. I try to ride to work at least 3 times a week, I’ve got about 4.5K to go so its not too bad.

CH: Whats your bike at the moment?

Isa: I bought a bike on the, whatsit, tax scheme - bike to work! Just a standard road bike, nothing fancy.

CH: So you’re looking forward to getting your FunkedUp?

Isa: I can’t wait to get FunkedUp!

CH: Any particular reason for the colour choice?

Isa: I’m a big Bob Marley fan, Bob Marley’s been with me surfing and everywhere I go. I got a Rasta board and Rasta beanie here. So it’s a rasta style I’m going for.

CH: Have you put any thought into what you’re going to call your FunkedUp?

Isa: I have a bit.

CH: Just before, I think Fergus last week called his Blue Dragon.

Isa: Blue Dragon? Trust Ferg, he always comes up with legendary names like that. I didn’t know if it was catchy or not, but I was going to call it ‘My Rasta Bike’.

CH: Since you’ve retired from Leinster, have you taken up any new weird or wonderful hobbies you’ve taken up now that you don’t have to take the field each week?

Isa: I’ve taken up stand-up...

CH: Stand up comedy?

Isa: Ha, I’d be terrible at that, thats something Ferg would do! Stand-up paddle boarding. I’ve been doing it about the last 6 months. It’s a great way to get out there, early mornings and if the surf’s not good at least I can get out on any flat surface and the coast is either side of where we live so its easy.

CH: What do you miss the most about Dublin? I think you said last year in one of the post game interviews that it was the white picket fence running out on to the field in the RDS. Does that still stand?

Isa: Yeah man, I miss the RDS a lot. It holds a real special place in my heart. When you run out there on Captain's run the day before the actual game its just a feeling like your home and its such a cool place to play rugby and one of the places I miss the most!

CH: Your favourite restaurant in Dublin?

Isa: Can it be a chipper?

CH: Sure.

Isa: San Marinos on Dundrum road.

CH: Most recent tune you’ve listened to? Anything Funky?

Isa: Ermmmmm, Its hard to think…. I’m still stuck on Mumford & Sons actually.

CH: And final question, who’s your money on for the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

Isa: Thats a good question, I’ve not even thought of it yet… Ireland!

CH: Happy Days! That’s that. Thanks Isa!


Isa is in Dublin for on behalf of RaboInsider for the Pro12 Final Saturday 31st May in the RDS arena between Leinster & Glasgow. Kick off 18.15.


Thanks to Dan Sheridan of Inpho Photography.