Here at Funked Up we are continually improving and broadening our range of bikes, so we are delighted to be able to introduce our new range of bikes, the Urban Series.

Funked Up Urban Series

We have taken our popular hi-ten frame from the 2014 customised range and built a range of bikes in 6 eye-catching colours using our signature range of Funked Up parts.

The frame itself has been upgraded, with slimmer tubing, a new fork design and a modified geometry making for a lighter and more comfortable ride. All parts are now matte black, for the first time our crankset is a fullĀ matte and our black 30mm wheelset now comes with matching black hubs and spokes, exclusive to the Urban Series. Stopping power is still provided by our powerful front and rear dual-pivot calipers.

Green, Ice Blue, Blue, White Matte Black and red FunkedUp urban bikes


All bikes in the Urban Series come with a flip-flop rear hub which allows you to switch between fixed gear and freewheel with ease. Perfect for commuting, the 44/18 gear ratio gives the perfect balance between speed and the natural stopping and starting associated with urban riding while our new upgraded VP Grind pedals offer a comfortable wide platform suitable for use with all types of footwear.

Funked Up Urban Series

The bikes are available to buy right now so head over to the Funked Up site now to check out the new range!

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