A few months ago directors Wolf & Lamm got in touch. They wanted to use some bikes for a music video. They needed very specific bikes in order to match their vision. Based out of Berlin they contacted FunkedUp and we were more than happy to accommodate. We had to rush the bikes over to Germany so they would get there in time for production. Check out the director's cut version of the video on YouTube.

The video is the debut single for Munich / Berlin based producers Juun and the track features rising star Sam Smith on vocals.
The track, titled 'When It's Alright' is very much a feel good summer tune! And is fast approaching 300,000 views on YouTube. We're pretty pleased! Check out some of the behind the scenes production shots Wolf & Lamm sent on to us.

Girls posing on funkedup bikes on set The girls are getting ready for the race

Funkedup on set Messing around on set

Stunt rider falls off funkedup bike Accidents can happen, be careful. Even if it is in the script!

Wolf & Lamm Production Dod Production Dog :-)

Funkedup on directors screen Behind the screens

Directors with the funked up The directors having some fun

purple yellow red and orange funkedup's on set All four of the FunkedUp's

Action Action

Girls behind on funkedup on set

We'd like to thank Wolf & Lamm for thinking of us for the video & for sharing the photos. And we wish Juun a meteoric rise to stardom!

Mind you, it's not the first time FunkedUp bikes have been in a music video. Way back when we launched in 2014 we were in a music video for local Dublin band No Monster Club's video for La La Land.

Now only one question remains: Are you Purple, Yellow, Orange or Red? Let us know in the comments.

Stay Funky :cool: