FUnked up heroes

We recently released the first of our FunkedUp Hero Series, shot in our hometown of Dublin, and featuring Dublin cycle messenger Johnny O'Byrne. Many have been asking about the music in the video so we thought we would tell you a bit more about the fun we had working with long-time FunkedUp friends, Contour.

Contour in full performance mode at Body & Soul Festival in Ireland Contour in full swing

Meet the musicians: Contour

We were also lucky enough to grab a sit down with one half of Contour, Conan, during his busy summer schedule. Read the full chinwag below and make sure to check out Contour on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Musician playing guitar and synths at a music fextival One half of Contour, Conan, down at Body & Soul over the 2015 Summer Solstice.

the interview

Colin FU: You've had some great success with your initial launches,what can we expect next from Contour?

Conan: At the moment we've just finished an EP, and its off being pressed for Vinyl, so we've just played Longitude and Knockanstockan. Then we're going into promo mode for the new vinyl which is coming out in this month.

Colin FU: What inspired the album/ep?

Conan: We went a little heavier in the beats on the last EP, so we wanted to kind of put more aggression into it and make a more dancefloor orientated record, which was going to be a bit heavier on the speaker systems. That was one of the influences, among many things there was a lot of different art and design that influenced us as well. And of course Music we were listening to at the time as well.

Colin FU: You mentioned you recently played Longitude & Knockanstockan you have any other shows on the horizon?

Conan: Yea, after the festivals we'll be planning our release party. We've not decided on the venue yet, but that's going to be a big one.

Colin FU: You've done the music for the latest FunkedUp Heroes video, which we're all very excited about. Can you tell us why you chose the track?

Conan: Yea, Syncopated Garden, basically because it's got that urban feel to it with the growly bass line and that city-vibe to it, which fitted with the courier and the way the video was shot.

Colin FU: What was it like working with FunkedUp? (and why)

Conan: Yea, it's been great. We’ve been long time friends and its great seeing the company from the start to the way its flourishing now and getting bigger and bigger. encouraging for everyone.

Colin FU: We've seen you ride a FunkedUp Singlespeed, a 2014 model if we're not mistaken. How are you enjoying it?

Conan: It's lovely, perfect city bike. I’ve had no problems with it.

Colin FU: And what inspired your design?

Conan: I wanted to keep it on a knight rider but didn’t want to get knocked over at night so wen’t for a nice bit of blue trimming, I was convinced to go with the deep dish wheels once I saw them, they just look so slick.

Contour in full swing at Body and Soul Contour other half, Anna on the left and Conan on the right playing at Body & Soul June 2015.

Colin FU: A little bird told us you were speaking to Olaf (FunkedUp CEO) over a bottle of whiskey about a remix of a track using FunkedUp bike parts? any truth to this?

Conan: Yea, I’ve been saying for ages to just give me the bike or a few different parts and I’ll just sample them and make a little video of making a whole track out of a fixie. I have parts, a few frames I can use as instruments, smacking them with different drumsticks, so its going to happen.

Colin FU: And I guess that answers the last question, Would yo be up for working with FunkedUp again??

Conan: Yea, absolutely.

Colin FU: Thanks a million for sitting down with us, you'll have to sort us out with passes for the EP launch in September :-)

Contour Album Cover

'Blessed With Weird Things' is out today: Digital, Vinyl.

Follow Contour on Facebook for details on their forthcoming EP launch and Soundcloud.

Photos thanks to Juliana Scodeler Photography.