24 Billion Flavours

We were recently informed by Urban Cyclist Magazine, that there are over 24 billion variations of FunkedUp's you can design. It's insane!

It really shows what an awesome and creative bunch our customers are because we can't remember the last time we built 2 identical bikes.
To show you what we mean, and as a follow up to last years Eye Candy blog, we want to share some of our favourite FunkedUp Family shots we've been sent over the last few months. Check 'em out and we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


We were blown away by some of the photos Suvi was sharing of her bike when we first saw them on Instagram.

#today #photoshoot #fixedgear #funkedupfixie #yksivaihde #photographer

A photo posted by Suvi Varjonen (@suvivarjonen) on



_aslex_ has had his bike a while now, but he posted this awesome silhouette of his bike with the #FunkedUp tag on Instagram.

Ideāla diena ar vislabākajiem. #fixie #fixedgear #fixieforlife #funkedup #fixi4ever A photo posted by LG G3 Photos (@_aslex_) on


This pink and purple ride is electrifying the streets of Barcelona!


A photo posted by Lauren (@lauriebcn) on

Old Amigos

Each one of these has been used in various photoshoots or music videos over the last few years. They're currently on display in a Gym in Dublin.


Vitali's Bicycle

Vitali shared his Red and Black Doubled Mag FunkedUp in Belarus over on our Facebook page. Red FunkedUp Bike with Black 6 Spoke Mag Wheels

We’d like to thank everyone who’s shared photos with us over the last few months. If you want to see your bike featured in Eye Candy, you can send them to us on Facebook, Tag us on Instagram – @FunkedUpBikes or Twitter – @FunkedUpFixies or simply use #FunkedUp and we’ll find it!

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