Awesome bike blogs

Here at Funked Up we love reading about bikes almost as much as we like riding them. There are so many beautiful and informative blogs out there we thought it would be nice to share our top ten with you. These are the blogs that keep us coming back for more, whether it be for beautiful images, great video clips or just a wealth of content. Check them out! (Click on the blog logos to visit the blogs!)

The Radavist

The radavist blog logo

Formerly known as Prolly Is Not Probably, The Radavist is the latest incarnation of John Prolly’s blog. Where ‘Prolly Is..’ started out at the height of the fixed gear boom and was more fixie focused, Prolly’s widening interest in all things cycling meant a rebranding made sense. While Prolly himself seems to be a bit of a marmite character in cycling circles the blog is packed full of beautiful imagery and a exudes a tangible love of cycling, it’s definitely worth bookmarking.

Bike Snob

Bike Snob blog Logo

Bike Snob started as an anonymous satirical blog in 2007, poking fun at a cycling culture that took itself far too seriously. 7 years, 3 books and one unmasking later, Eben Weiss is still ‘systematically and mercilessly disassembling, flushing, greasing, and re-packing the cycling culture’ as he puts it himself. The content is updated daily, and the Snob always has a fresh take on what’s new in the world of cycling, a must-read.

Cycle Exif

Cycle exif blog logo

If beautiful bikes of all types (ie. bike porn) do it for you then Cycle Exif has to be your number one destination. From vintage steel road bikes to futuristic concepts and everything in between, you’ll always find something to inspire you here.

All Hail The Black Market

All Hail The Black Market blog Logo

Cycling anti-hero Stevil Kinevil started AHTBM after he finished writing the ‘How To Avoid The Bummer Life’ blog for Swobo bikes which was started in 2006. Not one for conventional blogging Stevil brings to the fore a lot of the more unusual cycling events that take place, mainly in the United States. His distinct style makes AHTBM one of the most anarchic, fun blogs out there and well worth checking out.

Fat Cyclist

Fat Cyclist blog Logo

The Fat Cyclist blog is a more personal read than many. Started by Eldon Nelson in an apparent bid to shame himself into losing weight by blogging about it, the blog took an even more personal turn as Eldon documented his wife Susan’s battle with cancer. Since starting the blog he has published 2 books,and raised a hell of a lot of money for cancer charities; all while writing beautifully light-humoured and insightful content.

The Inner Ring

Inner Ring blog logo

The Inner Ring focuses on pro cycling, and even if you only have a passing interest it’s so well researched and written that it’s worth checking out. full of race coverage, articles about past cycling heroes and stuffed with great images.


Velominati blog logo

The Velominati are the infamous Keepers of the ‘Rules’ , an exhaustive list of 95 tenets to live by if you want to become a Velominatus. The blog is tongue in cheek in the way it takes cycling so seriously. Again a focus on pro cycling shouldn’t turn anyone off. The blog is full of fantastic articles covering racing, cycling history, great places to ride, and a bustling community that organise group rides and fantasy cycling leagues.


tracko blog logo

Another blog which started as a fixed-specific site but quickly morphed beyond is Trackosaurus Rex, now known as Tracko. A heavy slant towards quality images and edits this is another good port of call to see what’s happening across many forms of cycling; fixed, touring, cyclocross and mtb across the pond.


Cyclocosm blog logo

More pro cycling blogging, this time from Cosmo Catalano, who takes his commentary on cycling off the page and now gives us fantastically insightful videos like ‘How the race was won’ and ‘The week in bike’ which examine recent races in depth and also analyse current cycling news. Long a breath of fresh air when it comes to race reporting, Cyclocosm is the go-to blog to get an alternate take on pro cycling news.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Copenhagen cycle chic blog logo

Far removed from the racing scene, Copenhagen Cycle Chic is the place to go when you want to be reminded that you don’t need lycra or an expensive bike to enjoy cycling. This is the blog that launched the Cycle Chic network which now boasts over 50 regional variations, documenting how normal people like you and me can look awesome while simply riding our bikes from A to B. Full of ordinary people looking stylish riding bikes, it’s an inspirational website for the daily commuter.

Other notable mentions go to some defunct blogs that are still worth checking out;  Big Ring Riding, an ode to those racers who refuse to lighten the load, a hilarious fictional blog by ‘Jan Ullrich’, which ran on the old MySpace back in 2006 and is no longer accessible (but you can read the full transcript here), and Fixie Porn, a Tumblr full of the most delicious fixed gear images.

If you’re looking for some local Irish and UK blogs, here are a few worth keeping tabs on: Irish Cycle takes a good look at cycling advocacy. The Optimistic Cyclist is a fairly new blog dedicated to general cycling news, bike and accessory reviews. The Guardian Bike Blog is always worth a read as it tackles some of the larger issues surrounding cycling. Finally, if you're in Dublin it's worth keeping tabs on the Dublin Cycling Campaign to stay up to date with all that's going on in our fair city.

There's a wealth of fantastic content out there about every aspect of cycling so take some time to check out the links above, and remember to come back to where you found them, the Funked Up blog!