While our design department here at Funked Up are constantly striving to add more colours and give the widest variety of choice on the market, it recently became apparent that for some people, too much choice is a bad thing! And with over 2 billion colour combinations to choose from we can certainly empathise.

"A red chain to match my wheels? ...Or green to match my saddle?" "Gold wheels to match my headset, or blue to match my cranks?". Just a sample of the dilemmas the Funked Up online counselling team have to deal with on a daily basis.

Well, worry no more. Over the past 12 months the boffins here in our R&D lab have been working closely with a hand picked team of physicists, molecular biologists and graffiti artists to come up with a solution to this problem.


Introducing the Funked Up Invisibike. The world's first truly transparent bike. Using a top secret formula (Funkahol) we have developed a light bending polymer that bonds to steel and other materials through a process we call "Funkosynthesis". What appears to the naked eye as a see-through frame is actually a complex structure of nano-mirrors engineered at a molecular level to refract light around the frame, tricking the human eye into believing it can see straight through.

Invisibike Deep Sea Testing Invisibike Deep Sea Testing

Our security team have also been conducting a series of covert nighttime experiments, leaving our Invisibike unlocked in high-crime spots to see the effectiveness of our new paint in deterring bike theft. We are happy to report that of the 5 test bikes that were left out, 4 went completely unnoticed, while the 5th is still unaccounted for, an oversight on our part, we don't think it was stolen, we just forgot where we left it.

Invisibike security test Still From Invisibike Security Test Footage

We are currently in talks with a number of major manufacturers to license our Funkahol, and the Funkosynthesis process with a view to having a bike with 100% transparent components on the market in the next 12 months. Our dream is to one day have a world of invisible bikers, seeming to float in an odd manner from place to place.

Brad Pitt Invisible BikeJoseph gordon Levitt Invisible bikeMila Kunis invisible bike

We would like to stress that this has no impact on the quality of our product. All our frames are still made from superior double-butted 4130 Cr-Mo and still built with the same range of high quality components.

For those customers who still have an imagination and want to build the colourful, quality bike of their dreams, our customiser, with it's 2 billion+ colour combinations will still be available.

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