How do you stop that thing???

It’s probably the first question that gets asked about fixed gear bikes, and the our answer is generally the same. Fixed gear bikes don’t kill people, people kill people.

Here are some do’s and don’t when it comes to fixed gear safety.

DO: Learn to skid stop to modulate your speed

do's and don'ts stop skid

Just a little tweak... golden 

DON’T: Get cocky


"Check out this awesome skiiiiiii....shiiiiiiiiittttttttt" 

DON’T: Cycle too close to traffic, especially if you’re riding brakeless

 What did you think would happen when you drafted a JCB riding brakeless?

DON’T: Forget to ensure your front wheel is secure

Sometimes a 15mm wrench is your best friend

DO: Carry basic tools to help out if you do get into bother

Pumps are not for chumps

DON’T: Use lightweight racing wheels for ‘tricks’

Spinergy wheels were never designed to do stair jumps... or be painted yellow

DON’T: Ride faster than you can safely control

At least the bike made it

DO/DON’T: Ride it like you stole it

stole it

Part awesome, part asshole

If you’re going to ignore all of this, then at least go big or go home…


Tom La Marche takes no prisoners

This post has been brought to you in association with the fixed gear bike of the internet

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