As some of you may know, due to our Facebook & Twitter pages, Irish and Leinster Rugby star Fergus McFadden dropped into us last week to pick up his new FunkedUp bike!

We sat Ferg down to talk bikes, rugby, food and unusual watermelons.

Colin FunkedUp: Ferg, welcome to FunkedUP HQ. This is not your first FunkedUp, Do you want to tell us a little bit about what happened to the last one?

Fergus McF: The last FunkedUp I got was last year and it was a white number with green wheels and kinda red grips on the handlebars which I thought was pretty cool. Yeah, I had the thing around 2 months and l was locking it up in my apartment block and obviously someone took a fancy to it and robbed it unfortunately, so I’ll have to be a bit more careful with this one.

C: Is there any particular reasons for the colour choice?

FMcF: I was actually going to go all black with white handle bars and wheels but I just think in the nature and spirit of FunkedUp Fixies you might aswell go with the colouredy ones. So I decided to mix it up and go with the Leinster vibe with the blue frame. The white and orange compliment themselves so pretty happy with it now.Bike only

C: Do you have a name for it yet?

FMcF: Blue Dragon maybe?

C: Now these questions are a bit off the wall, you favourite restaurant in town?

FMcF: Ooooh, prob say butchers grill in Ranelagh, my favourite in town is actually a little spot called Koncan. I’m living in Dublin 8 so there is a place called Koncan, its an Indian so hopefully not everyone is going to know about it after this. I love that and I love Indian food.

C: Most recent Tune you’ve listened to? Anything funky?

FMcF: There’s a cool Lana Del Ray remix, Blue Jeans RAC remix, very good summer one I think.

C: Ireland's prospects for the 2015 world cup?

FMcF: Yeah, Prospects for the Irish squad now, obviously its a long way away at this stage I think going from the six nations I think the team has really progressed and I think Joe might have said in the press like if you think Ireland can go one better than they did the last world cup and get to a semi final. I know ideally you just want to try and top the group and put yourself in the best position by playing a potentially weaker team in the quarters. I think Ireland are progressing really well and I don’t think that something like a semi final or maybe even a final is completely out of their grasp if we keep getting better so we’ll see.


CH: Great to hear. PoFergus with the unusual watermelonsitive. Now there’s one final question that Olaf wants to ask you.

Olaf: Do you reckon this is a small watermelon?

FMcF: eh?

Thanks for dropping by Fergus!


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