Cycle to work on a Custom Funked up

With Cycle Season fast approaching, we're excited to launch the FunkedUp Cycle to Work scheme. The cycle to work scheme allows you to save up to 52% off the cost of your bike, in the higher tax bracket or 31% in the lower bracket and is open to everyone employed in the Republic of Ireland. And getting out on the road on a custom built FunkedUp couldn't be easier!

Hitting the road

There are a few things you'll need to check before you can get out on the road:

1) Check with your employer that they offer the cycle to work scheme.

2) Once you've gotten the green light from work, you can send us a screenshot and frame size of your bike design, along with any safety equipment, lights, locks, mudguards, or accessories you would like - as they're all include under the scheme -  You can send the email to:

3) We'll issue you with an invoice, which you can give to your employer. They will then deduct the cost of the bike from your salary over the time frame you have agreed.

4) Once the bike has been paid for, we'll build it and we can arrange for collection from our base in Dublin, or we can ship it directly to you.



How much can I save?
You can save up to 52% on the cost of the bicycle and all your accessories in you are in the higher tax bracket, or up to 31%.

How much can I spend?
The scheme covers the cost of a bicycle and accessories up to €1000.

My employer has an arrangement with / Bike4Work / / TaxSaverBikes can I still get a FunkedUp?
Yes, we are also listed on, Bike4Work, and TaxSaverBikes. To order via one of these companies follow steps 1 & 2 above, and we'll issue you with a quotation number which you can submit on your application form.

Does my employer have to let me avail of the scheme?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. It's up to the employer to allow employees avail of the scheme.

Are all FunkedUp's in fixed gear?
Nope, FunkedUp's are built with a 'FlipFlop' Hub, meaning that its got both, freewheel / single speed and fixed gear options available. They are built and shipped as freewheel bikes and its then up to you to change to the fixed gear position.

What size Frame should I order?
All info about our bikes and Frame sizes can be found in our FAQ, or check out the graphic below:
FunkedUp Frame Size Guide



Get out on the open road and beat that weekday traffic on your own custom FunkedUp!

If you've anymore questions about the scheme, please get in touch with us at or via LiveChat on the customiser. There is also more info available from in this PDF from, it should download automatically.

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