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Did you know that new research suggests that cycling can have a positive impact on your sex life? A recent survey carried out for Cycle To Work Day showed that many cyclists believe that regular riding has improved their sex life, and there's quite a bit of scientific (and not-so scientific) data to back it up!

  • Cycling improves stamina meaning it takes a lot longer to tire you out.
  • Cycling improves blood flow to the areas that matter!
  • Cycling builds powerful leg, back and buttock muscles for longer and more athletic intercourse.
  • Cycling releases endorphins, much like sex.  (A University of​​​​​​​​ Chicago study found that one in four women experience sexual arousal while exercising)
  • Cyclists have greater body confidence, it makes you feel sexier and improves the way you are perceived by those around you.
  • Cycling is no longer the preserve of the lycra-clad, its now easier than ever to look awesome while you cruise around town. 
  • Cycling is now seriously trendy. From Brad Pitt to Beyoncé, you never know who you might meet while out for a cycle!

On the back of this we decided to carry out a survey of our own customers and the results speak for themselves, with over 80% of respondents agreeing that their sex life had improved significantly since buying their bike! 

To celebrate cyclings virility-enhancing qualities, Funked Up are launching a competition for a lucky winner to design their own custom bike worth up to 600! Not only that, the winner will receive a serious amount of protective equipment. Along with a helmet & lights, they will get a years supply of condoms, meaning theyll never be caught out on a ride again.   

Speaking at the announcement of these findings Funked Up CEO, Olaf OMoore, said: We always knew that the right bike and the right look can play a big part in increasing your overall desirability.” 

He added, These findings show that with great power comes great responsibility, so at Funked Up were now taking steps to ensure that each bike that we ship in the future will come complete with a complimentary condom ;).”  It is hoped that this offering will help customers rest assured that they are fully protected whatever happens when you take out their bike... 

Once again if you want to enter the competition just head to our competition page here! Good luck and ride safe!