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Build Your Bike

Posted in Bike Maintenance by Olaf O'Moore

March 14, 2018

It's NEW and it’s totally EXCLUSIVE to Funked Up Bikes! Build Your Own Bike and Understand How Every Part Works. We now offer you the chance to get your hands dirty in building your own bike assisted by one of our expert bike mechanics. How it works: You organise a time that suits you to come in to our Dublin 8 bike store and workshop. One of our fully trained and expert mechanics will guide you through what needs to be done in and in what order and take...
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Top 3 Bicycle Maintenance Tips

Posted in Keep Your Bike Safe by Olaf O'Moore

March 5, 2018

These maintenance tips are especially relevant if you are taking your bike out for the first time in awhile. They are applicable for all types of bikes, from hybrid to road bike and of course your fixie or single speed.   1. Tyre Pressure: This is an obvious one but make sure that there is a sufficient amount of air in your tyre. Problems caused - A flat or punctured tyre. Soft tyres are much more likely to puncture than hard ones. Punctures happen sometimes and nobody likes them, but you can minimize your...
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Come in and Check Us Out

Posted in Funky Bike by Olaf O'Moore

December 16, 2017

Our Brand New Shop (Funked Up Brick & Mortar) You will find us on the corner of Francis Street and Dean Street, Dublin 8. (Opposite Fallons Pub, right beside Two Pups Cafe) Opening Hours are from 10am - 7pm (Mon to Sat) & 11am - 4pm (Sundays)   It has been one hell of a week. Within just 7 days we managed to turn an abandonded retail space into Europe's newest and definitely funkiest bike shop around. You can now come in and see...
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10 For Simon Continues Through Christmas!!!

Posted in FunkedUp News by Olaf O'Moore

November 28, 2017

Good News for All, The 10 For You and 10 For Simon Campaign will continue right through to the end of 2017! As some of you may know, this year we decided to take a different approach to the Black Friday madness and we decided that it was time to look more towards the community and wider society and move away from the pure commercialism and excessive hype that can be found at this time of the year. With that in mind we created the 10-FOR-SIMON campaign that would...
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10 for You & 10 For Simon

Posted in FunkedUp News by Olaf O'Moore

November 16, 2017

Dear Funked Up family and all cycling enthusiasts, As we approach another Black Friday and Cyber Monday (two of the biggest consumer shopping days of the year), we know that you are thinking generously about your family and friends. You may be focusing your attentions on spoiling them this Christmas with both presents and your presence, and that is truly amazing. However, at Funked Up we believe that Christmas is also about supporting those who are less fortunate than yourself. So this year as a company we are taking a...
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Lights, Camera, Action - FU Showreel

Posted in FunkedUp News by Colin Hennessy

September 16, 2016

Lights, Camera, Action We're pretty lucky doing what we do. It's great being in an industry which is on the rise, in a city that's punching so far above it's weight creatively! We get to work with loads of amazing companies, and have awesome creative customers. With that in mind, we've decided to throw together some of the slick videos that this bunch have created in the first FUNKED UP Showreel. It's made up of clips where we've had no involvement in the production but where our bikes make an appearance. ...
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Pro Cycling's Biggest Spills

Posted in FunkedUp News by Colin Hennessy

August 3, 2016

Pro Cycling's Biggest Spills Cycling can be one of the most graceful acts on the planet; the union of man and machine working together in perfect harmony. Sometimes, however, things don't go to plan and when things go wrong on a bike, they can go horribly wrong, no matter what type of cycling you're doing. Check out some of the biggest spills we've ever seen... Cyclocross That first step is a doozie... Putting the 'Trap' in 'Sand Trap' Road Racing that's a barbed wire fence by the way ...
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5th Birthday Summer Clearance Sale

Posted in FunkedUp News by Colin Hennessy

July 25, 2016

5TH BIRTHDAY CLEARANCE SALE FUNKED UP FAMILY Exclusive - All Clearance bikes €199 We've been celebrating our 5th Birthday over the last few months here at FUNKED UP, and what a thrill ride we've had in those last 5 years! While doing a bit of reminiscing and looking back over the year we came across lots of former display bikes, old stock and components & frames with slight scratches on them. Obviously, we'd never send used or damaged stock out to our customers, but it gave us an idea.... A 5th...
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Photos: EYE CANDY - Part III

Posted in Funky Bike by Colin Hennessy

June 28, 2016

Eye Candy - Photo blog That's right folks, the FUNKED UP EYE CANDY Photo Blog is back and as always, it's a visual delight! We're showing off some of our favourite bikes that our customers have designed over the last few months! It's one of the best parts of the Job scrolling through #FunkedUp & #FunkedUpFixies on Instagram and getting to see all the amazing snaps that everyone takes! If you'd like your FUNKED UP to be featured make sure to use the tags above, and we'll include...
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Funked Up - The Expert Bike Quiz

Posted in FunkedUp News by Graham White

June 8, 2016

Week 3 of our bike quiz series sees us hit the high mountains in terms of difficulty. Engage your granny ring and see if you can surmount the obstacles ahead in your quest for the yellow jersey of bike quiz dominance... Missed our earlier instalments? Check out our beginners and intermediate quizzes to get yourself up to speed.  
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