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Build Your Bike

Posted in Bike Maintenance by Olaf O'Moore

March 14, 2018

It's NEW and it’s totally EXCLUSIVE to Funked Up Bikes! Build Your Own Bike and Understand How Every Part Works. We now offer you the chance to get your hands dirty in building your own bike assisted by one of our expert bike mechanics. How it works: You organise a time that suits you to come in to our Dublin 8 bike store and workshop. One of our fully trained and expert mechanics will guide you through what needs to be done in and in what order and take...
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Top 3 Bicycle Maintenance Tips

Posted in Keep Your Bike Safe by Olaf O'Moore

March 5, 2018

These maintenance tips are especially relevant if you are taking your bike out for the first time in awhile. They are applicable for all types of bikes, from hybrid to road bike and of course your fixie or single speed.   1. Tyre Pressure: This is an obvious one but make sure that there is a sufficient amount of air in your tyre. Problems caused - A flat or punctured tyre. Soft tyres are much more likely to puncture than hard ones. Punctures happen sometimes and nobody likes them, but you can minimize your...
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Come in and Check Us Out

Posted in Funky Bike by Olaf O'Moore

December 16, 2017

Our Brand New Shop (Funked Up Brick & Mortar) You will find us on the corner of Francis Street and Dean Street, Dublin 8. (Opposite Fallons Pub, right beside Two Pups Cafe) Opening Hours are from 10am - 7pm (Mon to Sat) & 11am - 4pm (Sundays)   It has been one hell of a week. Within just 7 days we managed to turn an abandonded retail space into Europe's newest and definitely funkiest bike shop around. You can now come in and see...
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Wacky Bikes from around the World

Posted in Funky Bike by Colin Hennessy

May 18, 2016

Passion about Bikes Our passion lies with building custom fixed gear and single speed bikes that make people happy as soon as they hit the road! Being a bicycle manufacturer we do have a soft spot for bike designs and builds that are a little further afield and don't adhere to the cycling norm.  So without further ado; introducing our favourite wacky, crazy bike designs from around the world. Dizzy Source[/caption] This would seem at home at a funfair. Although the lack of brakes are worrying. And moving in...
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Red Hook Crit 2016

Posted in Events by Graham White

April 28, 2016

2016 crit season It's that time of the year again, when the world's best urban track bike riders come together to take on the now legendary Red Hook Crit series. 2016 sees the series take place over 4 races in Brooklyn, London, Barcelona and Milan with nearly 100 women and 300 men registered to compete. This weekend the first race of the 2016 series take place in Brooklyn, marking the 9th year of an event that started back in 2008, when race director David Trimble organised a low-key race...
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The Financial Benefits of Commuting by Bike

Posted in Cycling by Graham White

April 15, 2016

Financial Benefits of Cycling People often complain about the initial cost involved in buying a bike; “Sure I could buy a car for that money!” is a well-worn phrase. In reality, however, the cost of buying a decent commuter bike is negligible in comparison to to the costs of buying and running a car, and even to public transport costs, and the savings that can be gained from the minute you start commuting will add up in no time. How you can save Fuel  Petrol doesn’t come cheap, in...
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Test Ride a Funked Up Bike Before You Buy

Posted in Cycling by Colin Hennessy

March 8, 2016

Fancy a Test Ride? Test Ride a FunkedUp Bike Before You Buy. We're launching FunkedUp Test Rides, giving you the option to try out one or all of the FunkedUp Series' to find the bike that's perfect for you. If you're based in Dublin or just visiting for a few days, you can now book an appointment to stop by our base in Dublin 8, just outside the city center (a 15 minute walk from St. Stephens Green and very close to our friends in the Teeling Whiskey Distillery), and our expert...
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FunkedUp Bicycles Eye Candy: Part II

Posted in Funky Bike by Colin Hennessy

March 20, 2015

24 Billion Flavours We were recently informed by Urban Cyclist Magazine, that there are over 24 billion variations of FunkedUp's you can design. It's insane! It really shows what an awesome and creative bunch our customers are because we can't remember the last time we built 2 identical bikes. To show you what we mean, and as a follow up to last years Eye Candy blog, we want to share some of our favourite FunkedUp Family shots we've been sent over the last few months. Check 'em out and we'd love...
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Bike Messengers and Fixed Gear - A Love Affair

Posted in Cycling by Graham White

January 20, 2015

It’s an oft-told story that fixed gear riding among bike messengers began with an influx of Jamaicans at some point in the 1970’s to San Francisco or New York (depending on who’s telling the story). So impoverished were these immigrants that they couldn’t afford geared bikes and got jobs as messengers riding single-gear fixed wheel bicycles. Thus began a trend which took 30 years or so to reach critical mass and be firmly accepted into mainstream culture. Bike Parking CMWC NYC 2005[/caption] Whatever the truth of this...
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Are Fixed Gear Bikes Dangerous?

Posted in Fixie Stunts by Graham White

December 10, 2014

How do you stop that thing??? It’s probably the first question that gets asked about fixed gear bikes, and the our answer is generally the same. Fixed gear bikes don’t kill people, people kill people. Here are some do’s and don’t when it comes to fixed gear safety. DO: Learn to skid stop to modulate your speed Just a little tweak... golden  DON’T: Get cocky "Check out this awesome skiiiiiii....shiiiiiiiiittttttttt"  DON’T: Cycle too close to traffic, especially if you’re riding brakeless  What did you think...
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