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Last December we submitted one of our custom 'Street' range to Urban Cyclist Magazine for review. We were really pleased with the overall 8/10 score and a lot of nice comments from the test team:

"Without having read the specs before my first ride, I was pleasantly surprised."

"Funked Up have been diligent in their parts selection from their suppliers."

"Order it in your perfect colour scheme and it’s certain to make you feel good every time you get on it."

"Thoroughly decent urban bike with endless custom options."

You can read the full review on our Facebook Page.

Urban Cyclist review

Never ones to rest on our laurels, however, we wanted to go after those missing 2 points and make our bike a true leader in its class. We went back to the review and looked at the areas that the reviewers thought were a bit lacking and sought to address those issues.

sealing the deal

The main point was the lack of sealed bearings in the hubs:

"The rims are good quality though the hubs lack sealed bearings and will need more maintenance."

All 2015 custom bikes now come with sealed bearing hubs as standard, which means smoother running wheels and a lot less maintenance as the cartridge bearings are completely sealed to the elements.

Not All steels are created equal

As mentioned in the article our custom bikes have also moved from hi-tensile steel to double-butted 4130 CrMo. A lot of bike manufacturers use 4130 CrMo as it is a higher quality steel than hi-tensile. In reality, however, it's not lighter. The difference is the ability to use less of it to make a frame that is as strong as a regular frame.

Tube butting

By 'butting' the tubes, material is removed from the centre of the tubes and the ends are left thicker, where there will be more stresses. Some manufacturers don't bother with the 'butting' part of the process, but at Funked Up we've made sure to take that extra step to ensure our frames are both strong and light.

a bike for everyone

While we love to keep moving forward and upgrading our custom bikes, we appreciate the fact that not everyone needs or can afford a hi-spec bike like our custom 'Street' range. With this in mind, we designed our 'Urban' series - a more affordable bike available in 6 awesome frameset colours, all with beautiful matte black componentry.

Green, Ice Blue, Blue, White Matte Black and red FunkedUp urban bikes

These bikes utilise a hi-ten steel frame and open bearing 30mm wheels, but have the same geometry, slimmer tubing and newly designed fork as our custom range, and all the componentry is the same high quality that you'll find on our custom range. We still want you to have an awesome time on our bikes no matter which one you choose.

The next level

We're always looking ahead here at Funked Up and broadening our range, so keep your eyes peeled in the upcoming months for new bikes... the Ride and the Classic are coming your way soon...

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